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I'm Tom Fisher, the record buyer for Rat Records. I want to buy your vinyl record collections and CDs.

I've been buying record collections since 1988. I collect nationwide, pay cash and can take the lot.

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Tom Fisher, the record buyer for the best second hand vinyl record shop in South London

You say...

"I was really happy with the record buying service from Rat Records. Tom was really friendly, helpful and most importantly fair in his appraisal of the collection.
Tom makes the process of selling a record collection very painless! He explains the prices and then systematically goes through the whole collection. He then boxes them up, hands over money for them, then drives them off to Rat Records."

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How to Sell Your Records & CDs 

I make it quick and easy.

Get in touch and I'll give you a quote over the phone/email.
Then I make an appointment to come and buy your vinyl record & CD collection.

I'm friendly, fair, knowledgeable and professional. I make it simple to sell your records.
I buy vinyl record collections and CDs nationwide, pay cash and can take the lot. Distance is no problem. I want your records. Deal with an expert record buyer.

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If your Record or CD collection is worth money, we'll buy it.

The RAT RECORDS Shop  closed on 18/6/2022.

Tom is still travelling the whole country, buying record and CD collections and will collect direct from you, nationwide.
Please get in touch to sell your records.

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August 4, 2020

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Latest post

Hybrid Vinyl Customers

Yes, streaming is rife and can only increase. It's convenient. It's cheap.But the latest info from Amazon Digital


shows that music consumers aren't defined by what physical format they prefer, but by those wanting to OWN music on a physical format rather than just streaming it. The definition in the market is between Streamers and Owners.

But hold on, it seems the people who want to own music on a physical format ALSO want to stream music. Hybrid customers. Marketing pidgin. Is it because owning the physical format forces you to pay greater attention and thus value the music more? Or do you just want IT, the physical manifestation of the music: The sleeves, the info about the studio and producer, the pictures....Or do you just LIKE browsing in the shop, seeing what we have turned up for you each Saturday with likeminded folk....Or the ME time alone with your records, deck and mild intoxicant/stimulant....

Probably a combination, because it's not age, gender or ethnic background from what I can see in the shop.

But don't feel guilty that you have a Spotify Trojan playlist that you banged on last night rather than shuffle between 45s every 3 minutes 14 seconds whilst doing a stir-fry. You are not alone. You are still on the Owners' side and you are still one of the Rat People. Albeit maybe a Hybrid.

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