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I make it quick and easy. Get in touch and I'll give you a quote over the phone/email. Then I make an appointment to come and buy your vinyl record & CD collection from you. I'm friendly, fair, knowledgeable and professional. I make it simple to sell your records. I buy vinyl record collections and CDs nationwide, pay cash and can take the lot. Distance is no problem. I want your records. Deal with an expert record buyer with 34 years experience.

"Right from the start, I was impressed with your friendly and professional approach. It was easy to sort out a date for your visit and the actual buying process was smooth. I really do believe that you gave me a good price for the collection and I'm really chuffed that you took away the 'duds' as well. If more people did business like you do then the world would be a better place."

We try to buy everything you’ve got, large record collections preferred.
We negotiate to buy rare records individually and fairly.

If your Record or CD collection is worth money, we'll buy it.

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Tom will buy your records and CDs for cash

SELL your records to me, not to my evil twin!


Do you want to sell your record collection? I will buy your records and get them to people who will love to play them.  Read what our previous customers have said over the past 20 years!

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It's not always easy to make the decision to sell your vinyl, but Tom made it a breeze. Having catalogued my collection, Tom gave a fair appraisal of what he would like to buy, while not cherry picking the best vinyl, and being willing to take the collection as a whole. He thoroughly explained the process, which vinyl is currently collectable and sells, and what would be a fair price.  Tom collected directly from me, was quick, safe, professional and knows his stuff. I would recommend Rat Records to anyone contemplating selling their vinyl, it's easier than you think!

Polly, Twickenham

After some frustrating time trying to find a buyer for my record collection online I happened on Rat Records and got an immediate and positive response.  In due course, COVID allowing, Tom came to my house as agreed and sorted through the collection quickly and knowledgeably.  Without hassle he decided what he wanted, offered me cash, and was on his way.  What was particularly helpful was that he also took all the cds and vinyl that neither of us really wanted, which cleared my shelves and may eventually benefit a charity.  

Tom was easy going but professional and it was a pleasure dealing with him.  I might have got more money for some items if I had hawked them on eBay perhaps but it would have been a mega effort and I would still have loads of stuff on the shelf!

Richard, Harpenden

It was time to get rid of my vinyl and Tom from Rat Records was the man to do it. Sorry in some ways to see them go but Tom handled it brilliantly, explained how things were valued and gave me a fair price. He is incredibly professional and the whole transaction involving more than 100 discs took just twenty minutes. If you want to buy or sell LPs, Tom is the man.

Jim, SW8

We had a collection of ~300 LPs that we wanted to sell, some of which we thought might have some value. From the first contact Tom was friendly and helpful, but also clear and straightforward so there were no surprises. He explained in advance how he would value them and when he came to view the collection he did exactly as he had said, sorting the records into various piles of differing value, so the method was completely transparent to us and we could see how he arrived at his final valuation, which was satisfactory. He explained the importance of the quality of the sleeves as well as the records and was quick without being rushed, spending suitable time on the more interesting items. Throughout the process we found Tom to be very personable, knowledgable and enthusiastic about the record business, and had some interesting stories. We never felt under any pressure to sell, and he even gave useful advice on some old hifi equipment we asked him about. We would recommend Rat Records to anyone with records to sell.

Keith, Surrey

Tom responded quickly to my enquiry about selling my late brother’s vinyl and CD collection.  He gave me an idea of the value of vinyls and CDs before coming.  On arrival he categorised the vinyls explaining the process and pricing.  He provides an excellent service.  I was happy with his offer for the whole collection.  I find him to be a fair, genuine and open dealer.

Jean, East London

Really efficient, friendly service. Deal done on whole collection the day of first contact.

Ian, SW London

Hi Tom
I was very happy with our transaction and you made the process of departing with the collection that I had built up with many memories pretty easy. I believe that you were fair in your assessment on the age and condition of them, and was open to some advice on some rarer records.

Lucy, Croydon

From start to finish, dealing with and speaking to Tom was an absolute pleasure. You will find him unequivocally informed, honest and upfront about the perceived value of your collection. He was prompt and organised with an instant, easy-going friendliness and, of course, his knowledge of music is crazy! Deciding to sell your record collection, which is often the soundtrack to our lives, can be an oddly emotional catharsis. Tom gets this in bagfuls (or boxfuls, more to the point!) and is wholly sensitive to that. Not in the slightest bit pushy, he's just a genuine soul and makes the process a simple one. I recommend 100% making Rat Records your very first port of call if you're thinking of selling your music. Without question, you'll be happy you did!

Keith, South London

Tom is clearly someone who is passionate about his business and passionate about his music. He came and picked up my whole collection that had some good stuff in it as well as some old rubbish. He took the lot and paid a very fair price. I would not hesitate in recommending him and Rat Records to any potential buyers or sellers.

Bob, Carshalton

I can honestly say I had a pleasant experience selling my Dad's record collection. Tom was responsive and honest throughout our communication. I would gladly do business again with Rat Records if I come across a collection to sell. Many thanks Tom.

Dean, west London

Thanks Tom, it was a pleasure to meet you and you made the process fast and painless.

My life long love of music has taken me through several formats - vinyl, cassettes, CDs and MP3s. I moved into my flat 18 years ago and I’ve never unpacked the 3 big boxes of records. I have no turntable. I had bought many of the albums again on CD/MP3 and I wanted the space the boxes took up.

I’m so glad I contacted Tom at Rat Records. After I spent a rainy day spent sorting piles of 7”, 12” singles and LPs, Tom came to my house in the evening. He spent an hour sorting the records by price and explained patiently what customers in the shop wanted to buy. We agreed a price which I understood and felt to be fair. It all happened swiftly which prevented me going back through the piles and being tempted to keep “just one more” record. The transaction felt like a conversation between two music fans and was a lot less emotional than I anticipated - mainly thanks to Tom’s skills. I now have more space and a budget to re-buy some of the music.

I’ve learnt that I can have the memories evoked the music without having to own the physical object. The drawers full of CDs are next.

If you are thinking of selling all or part of your music collection, I’d recommend getting in touch with Tom at Rat Records.

Chris, London

I'd been intending to sell off my vinyl collection for a long time but was aware there are a lot of shops which have no real interest or knowledge about older records. When you've built up a collection over years it's reassuring to know that the buyer has a genuine interest.

I read the very positive comments about Rat Records online and after giving them a call first, Tom correctly identified the rarer records and explained the basis for how much money was being offered and the price they would pay. If you're thinking of selling vinyl it's good to know that you can trust Tom and I'd happily recommend Rat Records.

Jane, Nottingham

Dear Tom,

Many thanks for your purchase. I’m more than happy with everything and if I can find anybody wanting to sell their collection I’ll point them in your direction.

Simon, Doncaster

Hi Tom  it was nice to meet you hope you manage to okay with the records, and CDs. It was a bit sad parting with them,as it covers a big part of my life but they were not getting used, and I would rather some one else would play them and get some enjoyment. It's good that you are flying the flag for keeping records alive,I thought you were very fair with the grading and the prices you quoted

John, Midlands

Hello Tom,

 Thanks for coming. 5 stars!

Pete, Dorset

Tom provided a fast and fuss free record buying service, and gave a very fair and clear price for my collection.

It was a pleasure doing business with Tom and I would have no hesitation in recommending Rat Records to anyone thinking of selling or buying vinyl.

Richard, SW London

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