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What Sin Your Wallet?

Last week we raised the rage in support of Whitey and the basic monkey level idea musicians deserve to be paid, because music matters.


You'll recall that Whitey called time on freetardtarts mooching his music for downmarket reality shows for less money and love than a methed up mugger.We feel and know this is wrong to the bottom of our blood. But, But...This is now a radical, rude, revolutionary viewpoint. And we all should be outraged. Beyond the immorality - its bad, lazy and suicidal on a business level too. A shining symbol of all that's twisted, broken and bleak.When does a benefit become a cost? How did Freetard Vampire Whackbats dumb and arrogant enough to try to suck Whitey dry evolve?Its when the vicious circle turns back in on itself.The kids become Privates, the Privates become Sergeants, the Sergeants become Generals. And the Generals have the same vapid vampire values as the kids. So like traveler's diarrhea it will all get worse before it gets better.The rotten top reflects the unwiped, too ripe bottom like freaky fetish Japanese shoes.And the circle is a perfect storm, a vortex of destruction sucking up, crushing, mashing and trashing the past while ripping away the soils needed to grow the future. All the ingredients were there there, then heated to rape ripe perfection by the Digital Downturn.As people, as companies and as markets we are now lab rats without a lab - all the worst, most mean, most greedy and indifferent human and capitalist instincts have long been unleashed en masse across consumers, politicians, brands and all kinds of elites. And how are these vile tendencies reflected on the street and in the music?We need to understand the freetard mentality, and the annoyance industry has at paying for music from the root down.A Baby Boomer Bashed world where the only success to celebrate, other than hypocritical Bonoboner sustainable soft left luv moralising, is profit.Maximum profit, from minimum cost, even less effort and no commitment. And the music industry (not musicians themselves) have been a big booster of this money for nothing approach.The Performing Rights Society (PRS) are the body you need to pay a fee to in order to play music legally in a public venue - or use commercially in any way.In theory, they collect all the pounds and pence and dole it all out to individual musicians on some magical basis where they know how likely you are to play a certain artist or track. In reality that means the big money labels, songwriters and arena dinosaurs get all the cream. I've heard tales of nurseries having to pay 2p per child per week for the right to play "The Wheels on the Bus" and "The Incy-Wincy Spider" but with no account of what CDs said nursery has, The Spider is unlikely to be getting her due.But woe betide anyone who did not get it all sorted out beforehand. Ever wonder why so many great old reggae or jazz or anything covers of pop and r and b are never reissued? They didn't have the right rights or any right - and to try to get it now means paying heavily for the past so forget that. Music and rights are a real bummer in a lot of legit cases.Total rapaciousness today means has their hand in the other guys pocket. Philip K Dick's acid soaked masterpiece of a nightmare, Ubik, portrays a world where doors, windows and even your own kettle have a coin slot. Pay as you Blow. I just saw that to sign up for the Organ Donor Register, which should be automatic anyway for anyone who is eligible for a transplant, you need to call a fucking 0845 number.

new coin slot sticker3

Pay to do your duty. Pay to play, pay to pay, pay to get the service you already paid for. What a fucked up planet. At least the music is free, right?Free, invisible and irrelevant.The magic digital social media world means the kids long on their way to running the damn show were raised on a high tech, low fi infinite buffet of pop plop they never paid for in the first place. So they get that great job in media and the maximum for minimum law is laid down and low like prison shower lust.Where to cut, what to do? The lighting man, the nipple tweaker and the taxi drivers are all very visible, and must be given something. Music is just a file, nice noises that sit under the video - and who knows where they come from? It's best if they sound sort of good and fresh - who is good and contemporary, that editors can cut picture too or at least will sound modern?Whitey seems pretty cool. Better hit him up about this. Oh dear now he's upset. And we look stoopid.But we all need to smarten up about this. And next week for our final installment we'll reveal the evolving strategies of the Man, the alternatives and how we all can fight for the right to make music matter again.

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