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Opening a Daft Door


Have you ever felt overshadowed? Or that you didn't get the credit for something because some Jingly Jangly Jim with an open trouser zip and a big tendency to self love got all the attention? Then light a joss stick for organ genius Ray Manzarek, the man behind The Doors who stepped out of this conscious room and into the cold oblivion that awaits us all last week.The Doors tower above late 60s popular rock like a colossal bare chested pillar of phallocentric porky power. I've always had a difficult relationship with them. In my yoof posters of Jim Morrison posing like a Risen Christ crossed with that over-haired bloke in The Joy of Sex was on many a nostalgic older kid's wall or bedroom door. The likes of "Riders on the Storm", "The End" and "L.A. Woman" remained on many a mixtape and Classic Fantastic Rock FM playlist. I liked it briefly but then smelt something amiss. Where was the BASS? When you got past all the megapumped manmilk melodrama and rainstorm sound effects what was there? Some belt and braces baroque pop in the Left Coast style, with a lyrical focus on a certain gentleman's groin area. A Venice Beach Apollo had teamed with an electrical genius and fellow UCLA Film School Dude to create a global Superbrand as much as a band.Like so much pop, the music stands taller than the words. This could be why instrumentals are so welcome to my ears in any genre, or even real simple "can you jack baby uh-uh" can be preferable to Primary School level attempts at Art and Poetry. Words are harder to get right than rhythms I bet. Especially if you're out of your head on Moet and ludes, in a group groupie assisted shower. For what its worth, I've always enjoyed covers of The Doors far more than the real thing.I actually knew otherwise sensible folk who were convinced Jim really did fake his own death. I'd rather believe Elvis Lives. Of course remaining Jim devotees often pollute Paris, which makes it all the more sad that our own Funky Frenchman doesn't believe the hype on The Doors, but can't miss a chance to pimp some beatmakers from back home at the same time:"All I know is that I never liked The Doors, but I did like that organ wiring sound!! And I do know that those French boys have made a record that is a bit like when you first try oysters, get sick, swear "never again" and wake up a few days later in a oyster bar with a glass of champagne and a glam blonde in your hands..."Daft Punk have annoyed the piss out of me. I always hoped under the masks were some artists using their genius in a way other than making cash, but funding it with the hands in the air manga act. BUT so many people I respect have been into the new record I must take note. AND they could have sold out so much harder. Allegedly Will I Bam whatever sampled one of their trax and asked for permission assuming they'd say it was all cool. They gave the plastic popster a full French blast of total contempt. Respect.And Respect is what you'll have for our amazing Brazil enhanced New In. original LP's, and not only samba, but rock, funk and disco are also in the house. Interesting stuff, to say the least. Plenty more reggae as well as a few soca and calypso bits. Of course classic rock and alternative are there too, and so is hip hop. Some names to give you a flavour : Maytals, Al Hudson, John Holt, Lopez Walker, Twinkle Brothers, Nikki Sudden, Chapterhouse, Neil young, Jesus and Mary chain, Johnny Thunders,Alt TV, Isaac "black moses" Hayes, Arthur Lyman, Archie Sheep, The Fall, Capt Beefheart, World Domination Enterprise...the grooves go on and on!

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