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Critical Beats Down 7: C60 Spool Sex


Before the internet and the other aspects of our far less free than we think age, copyrights and copyrongs got in the way a lot less than today.Sure, there is countless legally grey, black or brown music and media out there but a lot of the best stuff gets taken down, you cannot dig it on mobile, or has been long ago hosted on a download site some shitestain hosted a DivX file of The Hunger Games 7: Combat of the Chaste and so now has been deep sixed forever.In the time of the home taping that clearly has not killed music, but rather enriched it like an injection of psychedelic Ritalin, the magic was physical, so it stayed. Remember that the next time some fanboi jives at you about streaming services and the magic of a world of media at your fingertips - you don't own shit, and it can go away faster than an invisible groper.When I first dug on Baldelli, I hunted around the weboscape gape to find some. It was tough and patchy - much like panning for gold in a sewage works. From time to time, a nugget would turn up. A hissing Side B here, a lovingly Dolby Digital noise reduced podcast version made available by the man himself when the fashion followers rediscovered him. You cannot fail to notice that almost all the comments on the sites where you can snag the tapes are in Italian, with a small peppering of German here and there. This again demonstrates that the net lays very shallow roots, especially when it comes to vital scenes of the past.A few big name articles and name-checks create a little blip of interest before the crowd moves on - and then things settle back down to the true believers. This is what has sort of happened to Drum and Bass and Grime on a larger scale. You have to access US based Tumblrs to get a hold of a lot of the heritage. I've got a fair few tapes now, and there are places to get more. Your mileage may vary, but the most instructive way to get a look and feel on what these cosmic capsules of sonic collagelisten to a few in order. The numbers and sourcing can be a bit suspect - some say they have the first, C1, yet it somehow is a C90. A basic rule of numb is that the older ones, mostly 1979 and 1980, tend to be more a cock eyed coke and lude comedown take on late sort of Philly disco vibes.Check out what is probably C1 for a taste. Yes, the mixing lacks any kind of hip hop or sound system inspired complexity. It is record into record, with some speed changes and FX. A casual listener might check out C1 and think well, this is obscure cash in disco shoved together in a somewhat spicy way. It is the ghost of where he began.Stick with it. It starts with some pretty standard, cheese encrusted stuff. Then the dry ice starts in, the drugs mix in with the plastic cup Campari and before you know it, here flys in Skyy at who knows 38.8rpm instead of 45 - The First Time Around is familiar, you hear the opening bars, but then something goes wrong, goes deeper. The record melts then rises like an insane Acid powered Phoenix.Keep with it and Daniele loses nerve and goes back to Philly. And a lot of these records are pretty pony. He makes them a bit better, but is fumbling about in the lovely fog and flesh.He will go somewhere else next with us on our quest for those missing beats.

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