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5 funky fbombs to flush the freetards

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These days its all too easy to feel power free in the sleazy sludge of the crushing Now.Too much money, too many monstermongs making it and moving music and all goodness further down the mainstream agenda than bootleg bogroll sluicing through a storm drain. Fine, but its only a fool that would not get fired up and fighting for the future of music. The Man is stupid, lazy and easily distracted on the whole if you resist right. And there are Five Ways to do it and live revolution.Whitey, who provoked this three part rant by his valiant violation of the omerta artists are supposed to respect about negotiations about rights, struck a heavy blow by not only talking back to telestrumpets but revealing the whole rancid exchange to the planet. Art is not free, and artists deserve to make a living from it. The man is a Don and a Pro - so any brickbat from him will hit harder than a bass invasion at a church picnic. But what about us ordinary cats?Five fightbacks to keep music alive. In no particular order. This is less for the Rat Packs that already have the True Faith, but is crucial for your friends:If you have the power, pump the moneySome of us work in the creative/entertainment/gaming/tv/media/marketing/whatever industries. If you do, always make sure that music is a part of any project, any budget, from the start. Remind those around you that it matters, and will cost money. If there really truly is no cash for anyone including you, work with a real unknown talent but give them kit and cred at a bare arsed embarrassed minimum - not just warm vibes. Anyone making a living from their art, respect it and contribute to it. Bring the musicians in as early as possible - they will have plenty of groovy ideas of their own to make whatever the fuck it is you're doing better for the beats. Music is not carpet, window dressing or an air freshener.Buy music physically and get naked with those that doAnything you can't see, feel or pay for will have less value to you and less than nothing for anyone you know. Music needs to be physical - live, living in your hand head and heart. Novelty USB dicksticks from the likes of Jack White don't count by the way. Buy new music on vinyl and CD not as a download. Sometimes, slimily, there is no choice but if there is, choose wisely. And reserve your erotic attentions for those that also demand to get physical with music. Anyone satisfied with mobile MP3 wackery is likely to be less truly sensual than a Plastic Pentecostal RealDoll. Believe it.Read and talk about it until you risk radicalisationMy completely unscientific non-survey of places I go and the people I know suggests that music is less a topic of conversation in the mainstream than it has ever been, especially amongst the still young. When I was a tortured teen or torpid twentysomething friends, workmates and everyone I knew was into some kind of music. It came up in conversation in all contexts, all the time, and I don't mean what I'm into. The arrival of some Top 40 comp in the shops would merit a post lunch "look what I bought" brag or some trill on the radio (remember those things?) could mean "i heard that at the weekend when I had my tongue down the throat of...". Not anymore. We'll examine this another time, but I'm sure that there is some scat here. Go on a musical jihad. Tell people about records, artists, what you feel. And read read read. The Wire is the way. Be out and proud about caring for sound.Kick start the needy, kick out the greedyKickstarter is a way to get cash for projects and causes. Most are for sustainable crowdsourced tea kaftas or irrelevant 3d printed cat mittens, but some vitalness happens there too. Our own Philippe turned me on to the fact that Whitey's new LP was financed direct by his fans, and now he's got all his albums ready to be re-released and a tour in the offering. Those that love him made it happen, and he delivered. I wish I knew in time.But beware the blingtards which view fan contributions and kick starting as a coolness and credibility test. The sonic sage and universal mind I adore more and more, Steve Albini, is an ace arbiter of justice. In a widely misreported incident, he questioned the notion that Tori Amos Tribute Act Got Cancerously Out of Fucking Hand Amanda Palmer should choose to pay a touring band in luvhugsbeer after extracting more than a million dollars via Kickstarter from people that in my opinion want to see West End Musichells without guilt.Whitey's fans knew what the money is for, and if you don't know, ask. Otherwise it could end up paying for faux ironic pubic stylings, vegan deodorant, first class air tickets and an entourage big and irrelevant enough to embarrass R Kelly.Insist on good gearAnd not just if you're copping a bun or a glue impregnated huffing sock.We're talking about what you play your music on. It's not expensive, not hard and often cheaper than Beats Branded Brain Jewelry. It means you care, and people can see it and hopefully share. We'll give you the detail another time but riddle this: One of the greatest amps of all time can be had for less than £100 on Fleabay. The Pioneer A400 has everything you need, and nothing you don't. And is so delicious I can barely look at it without getting more excited than a monkey locked in a banana patch over a Bank Holiday Weekend.JFDI (Just Fucking DO IT)None of this will change the world, alone none of us can and this orb goes up and down like paid love pants. But do even a little of the five here, and it will tilt the dread gravity of the thing back in a little better direction so you never know. So why not join us and try?

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