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Welcome to The Saturday Rat DJ Sessions.

We now have a complete, fully working vinyl DJ set up behind the counter. There's a Saturday guest DJ weekly, 1-4pm.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in playing...

..Vinyl only, it goes without saying.

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Rat Sessions DJ tbc

We've bought out an online record shop and have multiple copies of titles in MINT, UNPLAYED condition, mostly Indie/Alternative titles from the 00s, UK pressings.

As well as putting out a collosal New In record selection on RShopD, we'll be doing these multiple copies cheaper than anyone else in the world, that day only. 1 copy per punter! We've got between 2-10 of each title.

We'll post the titles as we work through them here:

So far we have multiples of;


Wilco - I'm a Wheel 7" Mint

Fall - Popcorn Double Feature 7" MINT

Tindersticks - Don't Even Go There 12" MINT. Sometimes It Hurts, 7" MINT

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - s/t 1st EP MINT

Radiohead - There There 12" MINT

Mew - Comforting Sounds 7" MINT, Am I Wry? No MINT

Kasabian - Klub Foot posterbag 10" MINT,

Ravonettes - Heartbreak Stroll 7" Green vinyl MINT. Attacks of the Ghost Riders, white vinyl 7" MINT. That Great Love Sound 7" MINT

Rival Schools - Used For Glue numbered 7" MINT

Rilo Kiley - Execution of all Things 7" MINT

Motion City Soundtrack - Future Freaks Me Out, pic disc 7"

Badly Drawn Boy & Doves - Roadmovie 7" MiNT

My Morning Jacket - Just Because I Do 7" MINT

Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather For Ducks, SEALED 7"

Mclusky - Alan is a Cowboy Killer, There ain't no fool in Ferguson, To Hell with Good Intentions, Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues, all MINT 7"s

 22-20s - 05/03 10" mini LP

Very fine!


Sun is shining, weather is sweet.....


Great Post-Punk and Dub selection from Al. No suprise there!

Krautrock mix from Record SHOP Day 2016


From spring 2016. Marvellous.

Master at Work.

This one is for the Jazz, Disco and soulful heads out there. John is originally from Manchester and is studying arts in London. There's little more I can say because I was not there and Pete can't seem to be able to tell me much due to the fact that he was not completely there either, as he had only 3 hours of sleep due to our Party at the Tiger the night before. Pete says "it was a good Saturday afternoon, the was flowing through Charles Mingus into disco, soul, exotica some housey bits at the end... " Ps : we tried our best but failed to find a way to upload that picture straight...