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 New In Vinyl: Sat May 26th

 Ever since I started working at Rat Records, there has a been a collection each year that defined it. This week, we got our hand on THE COLLECTION of 2018. Tom had to do it the hard way, a job frankly so difficult on so many levels we will pass you the details and let you imagine an episode of Blackadder mashed up with one of Games of thrones filmed in a dingy dark suburban London basement. So this week you will find the firt bits out of the many boxes : obscure prog, obscure metal, obscure psych, some originals, some bootlegs/re press of records so rare even the bootleg is rare!! Then we also added some cool disco, more D&B white labels, hip hop, classic rock and soul and some party breakbeat from the noughties at one quid a piece, as well as tons of very cheap classic rock as usual. So here's to 2018 and cheers Tom, you deserve a pat on the back!!

 Check the pics with the link below :