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The Inner Sleeve: the Rat Records blogDig deeper into the music with the dangerous Rat Records Blog, created for Rat by a maverick, mysterious vinyl vampire: The Inner Sleeve. Like Rat he was bitten by the musical bug before he could walk, and cares passionately about vinyl records and everything groovy. Unlike us he never tires of expressing his controversial opinions with savage wit and flair. We can't control him, but we can placate him. With vinyl.

...the Rat Records blog

Record Snore Away

English is a very confusing language, especially to those that claim to speak it.  Words that sound the same have a different meaning, often violently so.

And then there are…

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Repress stress and real deals

We have looked at the scam of the reissue before.  I’ll give you a couple minutes to read how Philippe shattered my virgin vinyl illusions and showed how my…

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It’s BIG! It’s BACK! It’s COMPACT!

We all know and love the fact Rat is the TK Maxx of wax, filling the racks with magic.

But lurking for too long has been the silver supplement too…

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Radically Resetting Record Store DayRemember Record Store Day?

It was barely a month ago gone and so now the dust has long settled, the bunting is down and the hype machine has moved on.…

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A Rabid Ratty Record Store DayIt's been a long time.

When we last left off we had just finished an extended look into the ups and downs of BPMs and innovation in club/dance/whatever music.


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