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When the time comes for you to find a new home for your record & CD collection, Rat is where you need to be. But don't just take our word for it; read what our previous customers say.

I'm glad that the records will go to good homes. Dealing with you was a pleasure. You were reliable, honest and above all very fair.

I needed to sell my late father’s Jazz collection which consisted of a large number of CDs and Vinyl. I spoke to Tom and he was very helpful giving a price which I was happy with. The whole process was dealt with very quickly. I would definitely recommend Rat Records if you have a large collection to sell.

It was a pleasure meeting you as was the whole transaction. Your initial response was not only quick but also well expressed, reasoned and almost apologetic. Even having trekked a long way you were very sympathetic in giving me a chance to change my mind at the last minute and hang on to my cd collection. The fact that you came such a long way to pick them up was also a real benefit. You obviously are really knowledgeable about music as well as your own business and clearly a genuine and enthusiastic music lover. I would have no qualms whatever in recommending your friendly and hassle free service. 

We were impressed by the prompt and efficient way you dealt with buying our son's rather esoteric CD collection, from making an initial, and very fair, offer to arranging collection. We appreciated your honest, upfront approach. Everything was very straightforward and we'd certainly recommend you to anyone looking to sell any kind of music.


I’m a technical person by both nature and profession, so logistics and problem solving are second nature to me, so to answer your request for feedback, I am asking myself how would I do it and what could be better, but to be honest there’s little I can think of, other than maybe acquiring some of those collapsible plastic storage boxes (and a calculator!). Fair point, I'd run out of boxes that day! - T.

It’s been a pleasure to deal with Rat Records, and your expert knowledge and integrity were evident from the first contact. Your assessment of the collection was thorough and efficient, and the valuation was conducted fairly and professionally.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anybody wishing to dispose of a record/CD collection seeking a fair and realistic price.

If I’m ever in Camberwell, I’ll pop in and say hello (I might even buy something!)

Rat Records have a strong enthusiasm for what they do which came across clearly on the web site.  I spoke to four people about buying my records.  One was an individual who just wanted to cherry pick his way through my albums; another was more interested in a different genre of records.  The third didn’t really exude any great enthusiasm for the sample records that I listed for him.  All of these were close to where I live.  But Tom was willing to travel to assess my collection.  He had already given me some indicative prices and explained how he graded the records.  He was knowledgable and it was nice to hear from someone who remembered some of the bands that I thought were great at the time and should have had greater success.  It was good to spend an hour and a half gently reminiscing, without getting too sentimental, about a time in my life that was formative for me.  We agreed what seemed a pretty fair price to me (and to my wife, who is the haggler in our household).  I helped Tom load up his van and he left for the M1 with me feeling no regrets.  The records had after all sat in the loft unplayed for nine years.  I didn’t need the money, but it was good to get what feels like a fair price.  And it was better still to have felt like your 30 year old record buying decisions had been (broadly) good ones. 

Tom is a very likeable chap and I had no problem at all, he gave me a fair price for the records he bought from me and I am more than happy to say thanks Tom for your time to get to me and of course the cash you paid for the records. I also had a really good chat with Tom and felt like I'd known him for ages, Isuppose that's how music and the love of it brings people together.
All the best.Thanks again, Steve
Hi Tom
I have no hesitation recommending your buying skills.
You were very helpful and willing to share your expertise in relation to the remainder of the collection. You made me feel at ease and confident that you would offer a fair price for the vinyls.
Many thanks for your help