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Why do record collectors never tell their friends about one London second hand vinyl record shop?

Probably because they are fanatical Vinyl Collectors or Record Dealers and they don’t want you to know that if you...

...come down to the Camberwell record shop to buy second hand vinyl you're going to get a bargain.... We actually WANT to sell our 2nd hand CDs and Records to you. We don't want to keep them, we want your money. We price vintage records to sell, pile 'em high and mark everything down monthly. Our second hand albums, 7 and 12 inches start at £2 and almost all everything sells for well under £8. Our CDs sell for £3-5. We try to sell all our rare records and collectable albums in the shop at half our expected auction price on evilBay. At the end of every month, we mark down all our unsold vinyl records and used CDs. You're going to find old, vintage and rare second hand records in most genres if you're quick!

Taste rules here, not fashion. It makes sense and it’s musical justice. No ludicrous record prices either. We price records to sell.

A fresh selection of over 500 vinyl records goes out every Saturday at 10:30am and the regulars queue to get in! We make a huge effort to buy second hand vinyl collections and used CDs weekly and we price up according to artist, availability and condition, not stupid internet prices. Join the frisky ten thirty AM record buyers, the one o'clock vinyl lovers, last night's sleep deprived DJs at four thirty or make an impulse record buy at closing time. All soundtracked by the Rat Sessions instore DJ! We’ve got 3 listening decks. Come down and check our tunes. Don't wait until Monday or all the rare vinyl gems will be gone! Although we are also open Monday-Saturday 10:30-6:30, so you can rifle the used record & CD shop at your leisure.

500 new in vinyl records go out every Saturday.

We've been trading here for 16 years. This is Tom's fourth and best London Record shop. Between the staff, we have over 55 weary years of record shop and music biz expertise. We know our stuff but will still be nice to you, not like those other second hand shops and record dealers.

Here’s our current retail prices to give you an idea why you should come down:

Second Hand Vinyl Records

Punk / New Wave / Indie / 60s & 70s Soul / Classic Rock and Reggae 7 inch singles; £1-5
Hip Hop / RnB / Soul / Disco / Reggae / Indie 12 inches; £2-£5
World / Folk / Country / Roots / Electronica Albums : £2-£5
Classic Rock / Punk / Indie LPs; £2-9
Reggae / Hip Hop / Funk Soul / RnB / Rare Groove / Jazz Albums; £2-9
Electronica/Dance 12s; £2-£5

Second Hand CDs

RnB & Hip Hop; £3-4
Reggae; £4-5
Indie behaviour; £3-£4
Classic Rock back catalogue; £3-£5
Jazz & Blues; £3-£5
Electronica, Dance, Country, World, Folk, Soundtracks; £3-£4